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How to Choose the Best Formula For Your Child

Date: Friday, Aug 14, 2020

Before you know it, your sweet baby has hit the 12-month milestone. From his or her first steps to first words, every day in this period of immense change has brought forth a new discovery. Along with these changes comes another big transition that commonly happens to children and mums — the choice of formula milk. How can mums continue to make the right decisions for their baby during this time?

At around the one-year mark, many mums make the big decision to switch their babies to formula milk or supplement with formula milk. There are many reasons for this; low supply, returning to work, and self-weaning are some of the many reasons they choose to make this switch.

Whatever the reason is, it’s undeniable that mums are filled with anxiety over this big decision. This is understandable, as we all know that breast milk is best. It is the liquid gold that meets a baby’s every need. Before making the big switch to formula milk, and selecting which formula milk would best suit your child, it’s important to understand why breast milk works so beautifully for babies.

Understanding Breast Milk

Discussing the benefits of all the components of breastmilk would be a gargantuan task, so to keep it simple, we will talk about the one component of breast milk that would be of interest to you during this transition period.


According to the Nutrition Journal,1 an important component of human milk is fat, or lipids. Through a chemical bonding process, 70% of palmitic acid, the major saturated fatty acid in human milk becomes the sn-2 palmitate. This is the key to your baby’s nutrition and feeding comfort.

The sn-2 palmitate helps babies to better absorb nutrients and causes them to have stronger bones.

In addition, the sn-2 bond plays an integral role in the regulation of digestion. As a result, breastfed babies have softer and smoother stools and better gastro-intestinal health. A happy tummy, of course, leads to a happier baby who fusses less and sleeps well! That’s why there is a saying that breast milk is your baby’s best lullaby! And now that you’ve gotten past the first year, you’re probably hoping to catch up on some sleep as well!


Moving on to Formula

Not all formula milk is created equal. When choosing the right formula milk, it’s inevitable that you would worry if your little one will get the nutrients that he or she needs. It doesn’t help that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the increasing number of infant formula brands and their promises of health benefits.

How then do you make the right decision?

The answer is simple – make sure that your child gets the nutrients that he or she would need. Naturally you would want to find a formula milk that contains breakthrough ingredients such as the highly coveted sn-2 palmitate.

As your child grows, it is imperative to keep nurturing him or her with quality nutrition. To ease your child’s transition to formula milk - a huge first year milestone, find the right product that will put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on your baby and yourself. Remember, a happy and healthy mum raises a happy and healthy child!

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