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Improve crying and sleeping patterns

Date: Friday, Aug 14, 2020

Sleep and excessive crying are of major parental concerns. In very young children, crying is usually related to general or abdominal discomfort, disease, hunger, temperament, etc. While some of these factors may be unavoidable, do you know that choosing the right milk can help alleviate some of these issues?

Studies have shown that children fed with sn-2 palmitate enriched formula milk cried less (i.e. shorter duration and frequency of crying) than formula-fed children who received a standard formula with low sn-2 palmitate.1 The improvements were observed during the daytime, especially afternoon and evening hours. Similar findings were also noted in an Asian population where sn2-palmitate supplementation reduced crying duration and improved sleep duration.2 The mechanisms are complex, but it is believed that sn-2 palmitate have neurobiological effects that impact the sleep-wake cycle, or what is called the circadian rhythm.

Needless to say, these findings emphasize the importance of the fat structure in formula milk and provide an avenue for research on the potential application of sn-2 palmitate in enhancing the well-being of the children.


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