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My boy simply loves the milk! It smells great! I noticed my boy had an easier time moving his bowels and he is even able to move his bowels daily!

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Read Why Mums are Switching over to illuma® Growing-Up Formula Milk?

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Love illuma :)


My daughter start the trial right after we received the product. She drinks twice a day ( morning & night) after around 10 days we noticed her bowel movement is better then before she got to poop everyday now! Most important is that she likes the taste of the milk powder very well :) Highly recommended!

October 17, 2019

Illuma 3 Review


The box is so grand I thought I was opening a luxurious bag after taking out of the box I was impressed by the packaging to protect the tin. Great design of the spoon ring on the lid as well as the plastic wrap to prevent from accidents. Originally I was worried my kid will take time to adjust to new formula but surprisingly he is totally ok when I gave him Illuma 3 the milk is more condensed then Nan 3 but he's ok with it. The poop was smoother comparing to original condition make it easier for him to push out.

October 15, 2019

Illuma 3


My fussy son had no problems transiting which is quite rare. He took to it quite immediately. The smell of this milk is milder as compared to other stage 3 but a little sweeter. Price is definitely pricier but still alright. The design of the tin is good as it is childproof and that prevents accidents. After drinking my son seems to have smoother poops sessions lol. However the calculation of milk powder should be improved. The capacity on the tin states for 160. At 2 years old my son easily drink 180-200ml. Hence i took a calculator to count the proportion.Overall this is a good milk. I would recommend it.

October 13, 2019

Illuma Stage 3 Growing Up Formula


My son loves the transition from his usual milk formula to Illuma 3. His appetite increases and his mood is lifted. This may not be major to most parents but I honestly love the small fact that it has a designated hook to hold the milk powder spoon - it is definitely neater and convenient!

October 11, 2019

Interesting science behind the fomula


My 16months daughter is a fussy drinker" thus it was not easy for me to switch her from breastmilk to formula. Prior to Illuma I tried 4 other brands which saw her straw cup flying across the floor. Illuma was the first that she was able to finish a feed.For a start I replaced 1 of her milk feeds working my way up to 3 feeds. Was very surprised that she took to the taste well. Other than that it did not affect her daily bowel movement (which was a major concern) of mine."

October 10, 2019

illuma human affinity


Let my girl try out this illuma milk powder for a weeks plus and realize the bowels movements actually increase from like 2 -3 days bowel to daily. which is very good for their intestine and stomach too. usually when we give her the milk of around 150 - 180ml on every intake she will have left over around 60ml but she started to finish the whole bottle after every feed. which we were surprised. on recently check up within a week her weight has also increased 300g.Definitely will continue illuma milk powder!

October 8, 2019

Impressive packaging


I've received the product within the next 3 days after requesting for a try. My boys love the milk. Doesn't cause constipation and he is accepting it very well. Will purchase it from the supermarket!

October 8, 2019



My boy simply loves the milk! It smells great! I noticed my boy had an easier time moving his bowels and he is even able to move his bowels daily!

October 7, 2019



The packaging is very nice. My son loves the taste of this milk and has no problem finishing it. I personally tried the milk prior to giving it to my baby. I find the taste quite similar to BM. Only downside is each feeding is 130ml portion. My boy usually takes 180-200ml. Also find that the price is alittle pricey as compared to other formula milk in the market.

October 7, 2019



It comes with super nice and grand looking packaging.Milk powder is also very easy to dissolve.Baby seems to love the taste as he manage to finish the milk at one go.Will definitely purchase it in future. It will be great if there will be more promotion in future as the price of this product is slightly at a higher end

October 7, 2019

Illuma Human Affinity stage 3 Growing up formula


The packaging of the milk is very unique and attractive. The milk tin has a very tightly sealed feature that can keep the milk formula dry and fresh.My baby loves the taste and the texture of the milk. This is the first time that he finishes the whole bottle of milk at one go. He doesn't seem to have any issues digesting the milk. The milk powder is easily dissolve and does not have any milk chunks at the bottom of the milk bottle. My baby's digestive issue seem to be much better after drinking the milk for a few days. His bowel movement seem to be more regular than usual now.

October 6, 2019

New milk powder in SG


I was pleasantly surprised by the white box which makes the brand look very atas. Overall my boy took to the milk well. Having had a 9 days no poo record I am very cautious when it comes to selecting milk formula for my boy and I'm glad that there's no constipation issues so far! :)

October 6, 2019

Illuma Human Affinity Stage 3


Both my husband and I thought that this product came in a fancy cool and pretty packaging. I particularly love the tin’s design whereby there’s a slot at the cap for us to place the scoop at so we do not have to dig our hands inside the milk powder to find the scoop. I thought this design scored high points imo. As for my husband he commented that the milk dissolves easily in water. We did not taste it ourselves but our boys took it without any problem and both finished the milk at every feed. We asked them if they like this milk both gave us a thumbs up and commented that they love the milk lol.

October 4, 2019